16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002
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from 4th October 2001.


Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF): The Code-In and Refactoring Party

Somewhat in the spirit of the annual Camp Smalltalk at OOPSLA, the Code-In is a communal BOF event to share our love and fun with programming and tools. In essence, the Code-In involves developers pair programming, sharing their skills and tools.

Developers are sometimes unfairly characterized as not being social-not true. We like to talk about programming and tools, and the Code-In is a hands-on place to do that.

In addition to participating as a student, the Code-In is a place where you may play the role of a coach; teaching another interested developer about something or some tool that would like to share. We're all potential coaches and students at the Code-In.

In addition to any and all playing the role of coach at the Code-In, we'll be working to invite various thought-leaders that may be attending the conference to play the role of coach in methods such as refactoring, test-first programming, code reviews, and tools and languages, but no promises on who will show up.

Rules of the Game

We can play all three roles at the party. Anyone may be a coach; anyone a student. In each, humor and gentleness is appreciated. So is beer. This is fun with computers, not serious stuff.

  1. Method-Oriented Coach - for example, let's pair program for 30 minutes while I coach you in how to refactor (using the code you brought on your laptop), or in test-first programming with JUnit.
  2. Technology-Oriented Coach - for example, let's pair program while I coach you in AOP using AspectJ, or applying the refactoring features in the IDEA IDE.
  3. Student - to a coach; usually does the hands-on typing.

Coach - Student games involve pair programming, usually with the Student at the keyboard - not the Coach, with the exception of code review games, or when otherwise appropriate. Coaches will have signs at their tables advertising what they can coach.


If you are coaching, please bring your laptop, and tools and samples set up for ease of learning.

There will be tables, chairs, and power outlets.

If you would like to learn more about refactoring or have a code review, please bring your laptop and your code.

Refreshments: Drinks and snacks will be served during the party.


Share or learn what intrigues you: Refactoring, test-first programming, code review to polish Java, the new 1.4 java.nio library, ASP.NET, a performance analysis tool, XUnit, C#, AspectJ, Ruby, Python, XEmacs, creating web services, …


Some Code-Ins have 5 people; some have 25. It's always a surprise.


Craig Larman - Craig will volunteer as a coach for at least AOP with AspectJ. He would like to be a student of many things. Craig is the author of Applying UML and Patterns, and the Java 2 Performance and Idiom Guide. He serves as Director of Process at Valtech, an international consulting company.


The material and drinks for The Code-In and Refactoring Party have been sponsored by

Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF): The Code-In and Refactoring Party

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