The history of the Park of Malaga is united to the one of the last century of the city. It has his origin in a Law of 1896, inspired by Cánovas del Castillo, in which it arranged that the limits of the zone of services of the Wharf of Marquess de Guadiaro were determined and made specific and who the rest of lands, with the idea of transform in garden an important part of lands gained to the sea, allowed to transmit to the malaga people of century XX the most important European public park in which to exotic flora it talks about, happening to be prolongation of the "Alameda Principal"until the beginning of the Stroll of "La Farloa".

The author of the preliminaries of the project was Marquess de Larios, being approved by the City council. In the long phase of development and design the architects took part at least Rivera Guerrero Strachan, Rucoba and Crooke. But he was Rucoba architect who began the company with the little and deficient own methods of more ago of a century. Until year 1897 it was not possible to have the space that today occupies east enclosure, in gained lands to the sea, since the project of the garden was not approved by Real Order until this year, taking more than 30 years in becoming which today we can contemplate like an authentic orchard.