16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002
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Tutorial #2 - O2C: A Semantic Thread From Objects to Components 

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O2C: A Semantic Thread From Objects to Components 

Presenter :Farhad Arbab (CWI, The Netherlands)
:Frank S. de Boer (Univ. Utrecht, The Netherlands)
:Marcello M. Bonsangue (Leiden University, The Netherlands)
Duration :Full day
Day :Monday
Level :Intermediate







In this tutorial we present the basic concepts that underlie object oriented and component based software engineering and their semantic justifications. We start with the basic concepts such as abstract data types and inheritance, as used in the object oriented paradigm to enhance reuse, modularity, and maintenance of software. We show how the concept of component supports and generalizes similar concerns in the engineering of large, heterogeneous, loosely-coupled, distributed software systems. The current component technology regards components as extended objects. We describe an alternative approach that starts with the concept of components as abstract behavioral types. We show how this new interpretation makes components amenable to explicit exogenous coordination, supports compositionality, and provides a clear separation between computation and communication concerns. This leads to a new model of component composition that is based on a calculus of connectors for algebraic construction of component glue code.


Required experience

Familiarity with Object Oriented Programming concepts and some familiarity with formal methods.


Expected audience

This tutorial is intended for software engineers and programmers interested or involved in building large component based software systems, especially for distributed heterogeneous platforms. It is also intended for PhD students and researchers interested in formal methods and semantic foundations of component composition and component based systems. The audience will be exposed to semantic justifications for a variety of modern software engineering concepts that will enhance their appreciation of component based approaches.


Presenter's profile
The presenters are acknowledged experts in formal methods, logics, and semantics of concurrency, object oriented programming, coordination, and component based software, with a track record of joint research in experimental and theoretical computer science.















Tutorial #2 - O2C: A Semantic Thread From Objects to Components 
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