16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002
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Tutorial #5 - .NET and/or Java? - Step-by-Step Comparison

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.NET and/or Java? - Step-by-Step Comparison

Presenter :Michael Stal (Corporate Tech., Germany)
Duration :Half day
Day :Monday
Level :Intermediate





Both Java and Microsoft .NET offer complete frameworks to build and deploy desktop applications and enterprise applications without dependencies on the concrete platform used. Both of them now focus on the delivery of Web services to build Web-based applications in a much more sophisticated way. For the developer it is very difficult to decide which of these technologies to use. What are the benefits and liabilities of these solutions? What are their similarities and differences. It is the goal of the tutorial to reveal all of these issues.


Required experience

Sound knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming Java or C# skills might be helpful


Expected audience

Developers and software architects interested in J2EE and Microsoft .NET.


Presenter's profile
Michael Stal is Senior Principal Engineer at Siemens responsible for research on Middleware and Application Integration. Michael focuses on Distributed Objects & Components, Software Architecture, and Web technologies. He is co-author of Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume I&II, Siemens representative at the OMG, former member of the C++ X3J16 standardization working group, and editor-in-chief of Java Spektrum.












Tutorial #5 - .NET and/or Java? - Step-by-Step Comparison
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