16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002
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Tutorial #09 - From Object-Oriented Programming to Model-Driven Software Production

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From Object-Oriented Programming to Model-Driven Software Production


:Jean Bézivin (Univ. Nantes, France)

Duration :Half day
Day :Monday - morning
Level :Intermediate






This tutorial covers the new software development framework recently proposed by the Object Management Group. The Model-Driven Architecture departs from traditional code-centric approaches to explore new practical ways to separate platform-independent business models from platform-specific design and implementation models.


Required experience


Expected audience

Practitioners and researchers wanting to understand the present paradigm shift from objects to models, as implemented in the OMG move from OMA (Object Management Architecture) to MDA (Model-Driven Architecture)


Presenter's profile

Jean Bézivin is professor of Computer Science at the University of Nantes, France. He got his Master degree from the University of Grenoble and PhD from the University of Rennes before spending several years, as an assistant professor, at the University of Brest. He also spent one year as a research fellow at the Queen's University of Belfast (Northern Ireland) and one year at the Concordia University of Montreal (Canada). He has been very active in Europe in the object-oriented community, starting the ECOOP series of conference (with P. Cointe), the TOOLS series of conferences (with B. Meyer), the OCM meetings (with S. Caussarieu and Y. Gallison) and more recently the <<UML>> series of conferences (with P.-A. Muller). He also organized several workshops at OOPSLA like in 1995 on "Use Case Technology", in 1998 on "Model engineering with CDIF" and more recently at ECOOP in 2000 on "Model Engineering". He started in 1979 at the University of Nantes, one of the first Master programs in Software Engineering entirely devoted to Object Technology (Data Bases, Concurrency, Languages and Programming, Analysis and Design, etc.). He has expertise in the fields of object technology, analysis and design, model engineering, etc. He published various papers on subjects related to concurrency, software engineering, simulation, object technology, etc. He also presented tutorials on related subjects at several international conferences. His present research interests include object-oriented analysis and design, product and process modeling.















Tutorial #09 - From Object-Oriented Programming to Model-Driven Software Production
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