16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002
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from 4th October 2001.


The gastronomy of Málaga

A trip around the culinary world of Malaga ...many times confuses somebody who is just beginning to learn the Spanish way of life, they don't know what this is or that is ... it is almost impossible to present a complete list of the dishes here, since there are too many to list... but, is very simple .. when you find something that you don't know what it is in a restaurant menu, try it!

Typical food that we recommend are the fried fish that is the king of Malagan gastronomy, the Victorian anchovy and clams. Andalusian gazpacho is outstanding as a first dish. Ajoblanco is another type of cold soup, made of a mixture of almonds, garlic, olive oil, dry bread, muscatel grapes, vinegar and salt.

You can follow two different routes. Each route is subdivided in several zones with remarkable establishments:
Restaurants route

You must try and taste, of course, all the specialties that the Coast of the Sun offers you, as the salmorejo, a gazpacho with almost no water, a tortilla (omelet) of potatoes with onions and peppers, or some grilled shrimp or boiled with salt. Malaga, like in any other city in Spain, also has it's own special has it's own special paella, being in this case the "seeafood" one.



The "tapa" and "pescaíto " (little fish) route


Andalusia is the region of tapas by excellence. These are little dishes of food that go very well with a cold beer or a "summer red wine" or any other cold drink. They are usually eaten around noon time as an aperitif or as they say "when you go out to eat tapas the aperitif and lunch turn into one meal". As a fact this expression "GOING OUT FOR TAPAS" implies going from bar to bar, tasting the specialties of the "house" in these small portions with whatever drink you prefer. 


Tipicals fish foods are: "Boquerones fritos" (fried anchovies), "Salmonetitos" (Fried Small Red Mullets), "Chopitos" (Baby cuttlefish), "Calamaritos" (Fried Small Squids), "Rape" (Angler fish), etc.




Information from AEHMA
(Asociación de Empresarios de Hostelería de Málaga y provincia)
The gastronomy of Málaga

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