16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002

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Tutorials - Technical Programme

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Traditionally, ECOOP proposes, as part of the technical program, different tutorials during the first two days of the conference. ECOOP is well known for its high-quality and attractive tutorials. This year, the tutorial chairs have received 45 highly interesting proposals. In order to avoid extensive overlap, while still maintaining an attractive and balanced offer, 24 proposals were selected---four of them as full-day tutorials. The objective was to cover the different aspects of object-orientation, with special emphasis on the hot and novel topics. Your participation will contribute making these tutorial days a success. Tutorials have been scheduled around subjects, in order to allow participants to attend more than one tutorial. In addition, tutorial fees decrease as the number of tutorial units increases, encouraging the attendance to multiple tutorials.

Morning T01 T02 T03 T05 T07 T09 T13 T14 T15 T19 T21 T23
Afternoon T04 T06 T08 T10 T12 T16 T18 T22 T24


ID Title Speakers Monday Tuesday
A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.


The Agile Unified Process  Craig Larman (Valtech, USA) room
T02 O2C: A Semantic Thread From Objects to Components  Farhad Arbab (CWI, The Netherlands) Frank S. de Boer (Univ. Utrecht, The Netherlands) Marcello M. Bonsangue (Leiden University, The Netherlands) room
T03 Foundations of Object-Oriented Languages: Types and Language Design Kim Bruce (Williams College, USA) room
T04 Efficient Implementation of Object-Oriented Programming Languages Craig Chambers (Univ. Washington, USA)   room
T05 .NET and/or Java? - Step-by-Step Comparison Michael Stal (Corporate Tech., Germany) room
T06 Specifying and Achieving Non-Functional Requirements Lenn Bass (Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA) Felix Bachmann (Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA)   room
T07 Design metrics for UML users: using OCL to formalize metrics definitions Fernando Brito e Abreu (Lisbon New Univ., Portugal) Miguel Goulăo (Lisbon New Univ., Portugal) room
T08 Advanced Aspect Composition: Obstacles and The Composition Filters Approach Mehmet Aksit (University of Twente, The Netherlands)   room
T09 From Object-Oriented Programming to Model-Driven Software Production Jean Bézivin (Univ. Nantes, France) room
T10 Java Security APIs: What is Going on Behind the Scenes? Rolf Oppliger (eSECURITY Technologies, Switzerland)   room
T12 Squeak: An Open Source Smalltalk for the 21st Century! Andrew P. Black (School of Science & Eng., USA)   room
T13 Architecture-Centric Software Engineering  Jan Bosch (Univ. Groningen, The Netherlands)     room
T14 Using and Adapting Extreme Programming Martin Lippert (Univ. Hamburg, Germany) Stefan Roock (Univ. of Hamburg & APCON WPS., Germany)     room
T15 Secrets of object-oriented component-based Middleware - Patterns for Concurrent and Networked Objects Michal Stal (Corporate Tech., Germany)     room
T16 Aspect Oriented Programming with AspectJ  Craig Larman (Valtech, USA)       room
T18 Generative Programming: Methods, Techniques, and Applications Krzysztof Czarnecki  (DaimlerChrysler Research & Technology, Germany)       room
T19 The UML-F Profile for Framework Architectures Markus Fontoura (IBM Almaden Research Center, USA) Wolfgang Pree (Univ. of California, USA) Bernhard Rumpe (Munich Univ. of Techn., Germany)     room
T21 Accomplishing Software Stability Mohamed E. Fayad (Univ. Nebraska, USA)      room
T22 Patterns for building Component Infrastructures Markus Voelter  (MATHEMA AG, Germany)       room
T23 Concurrency: How Can I get It Work Frank Buschmann (Siemens AG, Gernmany)     room
T24 Built-in Testing for Component-based Development Hans-Gerhard Gross (Fraunhofer Institute, Germany) Peter Lay (Philips Lab., UK)       room
Tutorials - Technical Programme
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