16th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
University of Málaga, Spain
June 10-14, 2002
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from 4th October 2001.


Workshop #01 - Resource Management for Safe Languages

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Safe programming language, such as the Java programming language, offer safety and security features making them attractive for developing extensible environments on a wide variety of platforms, ranging from large servers all the way down to hand-held devices. Extensible environments facilitate dynamic hosting of a variety of potentially untrusted code. This requires mechanisms to guarantee isolation among hosted applications and to control their usage of resources. While certain isolation properties are provided by safe languages, typically resource management is difficult with the current standard APIs and existing virtual machines.

The goal of this one-day workshop is to bring together practitioners and researchers working on various approaches to these problems to share ideas and experience.

The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to:

runtime extensions to control resources
resource management through code transformations
tradeoffs between precision and the cost of resource control
conflicts and synergies between resource management done by the virtual machine and resource management done by the OS
executing multiple applications in a single virtual machine
scaling up to large environments
scaling down to embedded devices
practical experience


Organizers Godmar Back (Univ. Utah/Stanford)
Walter Binder (CoCo Software)
Greg Bollella (Sun Micros.)
Greg Czajkowski (Sun Microsystems) (co-chair, primary contact)
Laurent Daynes (Sun Microsystems)
Michael Hind (IBM Research)
Doug Lea (SUNY Oswego)
George Necula (Berkeley)
Niranjan Suri (Univ.of West Florida)
Jan Vitek (Purdue University) (co-chair)
Day Tuesday 11 Location (room) : 2.0.4
Workshop Home Page http://www.ovmj.org/workshops/resman/
Number of participants 10-25


Workshop #01 - Resource Management for Safe Languages

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